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A workshop can be many things to many people. A retreat from the daily grind or just a place to have a think about things.  Sometimes even to build model planes or work on model engines and electrickery things that do something without letting the smoke out if you are lucky.

Whatever your perception of a workshop or shed may be, other folks always seem to have a more interesting place than yours one way or another, so with that in mind I will be posting a few photos on this page of various workshops - with the blessing of the owners of course   :)

Ok - I just have to show mine first, just to put things in perspective.   My 'shed' is in constant chaos.   'Organised' chaos  I should add because each time I have a clean up the chaos become 'disorganized' and nothing can be found anymore.    I am also a Radio Ham and play around with anything interesting which results in a shed that is in a constant  turmoil, I like it that way and I can get thoroughly lost just sitting there doing nothing.

A workshop in turmoil is a sign of a mind in turmoil...  

An empty workshop is a sign of an empty mind.....

A Tidy workshop is just plain a sign of a sick mind!



Grahame sent in some nice photos of his workshop - nice but waaay too tidy Grahame! 

"I also remember that you asked a while back for some pictures of
workshops etc, so have included one of mine, - managed to have a bit of
a tidy up first."

See - what did I tell ya!



Hmm, this next lot is ... well, you decide what category.  (And I know for a fact that he has just had a huge tidy up as well!)

Gary has recently completed this workshop, refitting one half of his garage and a great job. I saw it while it was half completed so have a fair idea as to what is what in the photo's and believe it or not - there is a crank up hospital bed in there somewhere doing service as an adjustable workbench but I am buggered if i can spot it.

"Photo 1    foreground is an old hospital bed with a top added to it ( very convenient as I can raise/ lower the height to suit) also it is mobile so can shift it to suit. To the left is a folding table bench sandwiched between shelves left and right with selves above. To the left of that is a steel table top which I build on as I have magnets which allow me to position parts without having to stick pins into. Sitting on the bench at the moment is a "Unimat3" lathe which I could not do without (just made a new con rod for my Mills .75 which I broke at the nats - the cylinder rotated!!!! (I also pegged the cylinder so it will never rotate again. Ever!) Further on to the right is a Dremel scroll saw and next to it is a linnisher and grinding wheel.
The rest of the photos are just various views of the same from different angles"









And one from ex member Allan Knox who has relocated to Blenheim.   Looks like you have a good setup there mate.


Our roving Workshop Spy has sent these next set of sneak shots in  . . . . . 

On the work bench is a Loutrel Sportser 40in version. Trying to beat Burrows no doubt !!
Also on the go is a Vic Smeed Debutante for the Vic Smeed Precision contest.


Vic Smeeds "Debutante" making good progress..     

Here is a great workshop shot from  Ian MacDonald.  What a fantastic photo, so interesting and busy.   Thanks Ian.

Well - thats all so far.    Send me some photo's of your cave and I will make you famous world wide.

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