Willie is a member of the "Ayr & District Model Flyers" club but has some association with CMAC.

Willie Kidd flew the flag for his club with two models in the “Open” class.  His Macchi MC72 seaplane won second prize.        Willie also won fourth prize in the “Open” with his second model.  It was/is a rubber powered “Jaguar”.    The original was designed by E W Evan in 1946 and R. Chesterton won the Wakefield Trophy at Ohio in 1948 with one.

I have received these photo's from Willie of his steam engine which he has been working on for some time now. A superb bit of workmanship indeed.

"Have just completed my steam engine and boiler.   The boiler is 25 tubes and will be gas fired.   It has been tested to 100 psi but to date has not been in steam.   Saving up for a gas burner."


 Some of you may remember the photo's of Willie's "Macchi MC72 seaplane " he sent in last year, well, he has it completed and sent in some great "In flight" photo's to prove it flies as good as it looks.

It is a model of the Macchi MC72 seaplane that was built for the Schneider Trophy races and held the speed record at 443 mph. 

The wingspan of the model is 26 inches, weight 26oz powered by a PAW 249 engine driving the rear prop, the front prop free wheeling.


 The model was built from a plan in balsa andfinished in tissue and dope. Willie has built a drop out u/c that plugs into the floats to enable land based take off's.   Landing is done on the floats.

On the maiden flight the plane initialy flew slightly nose down due to the reluctance of the drop out uc to let go, but once it parted company the plane flew impecably and was quite quick, showing off it's racing pedigree. Landing on the floats was smooth if abrupt. Willie is now on the lookout for a bit of shallow water
to stand in the middle of so he can test how the plane flies off water.

Willie  received a lot of very helpfull detail information from Ct. Col. Pil. Massimo Mordini, Director of the Museo Storico, Italy, where the original airoplane is on display.

Below the man himself flying his Macchi MC72 seaplane. Keep those photo's and news coming Willie.


Smashing photo's indeed and superb action shots provided by Ian Saunders.

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