New members M@rco & James have been busy getting to grips with and putting the new UAV through it's paces.

The UAV takes off with a preloaded flight plan and flies fully 
automatic and sends position and flight stats updates back to the 
computer on the ground. However the pilot can always TAKE OVER 
manually in case of emergency (e.g. incoming airplane etc.).

Here some stats...
Mass: 2.0 kg
Wingspan: 1 m
Cruise speed: 80 km/h
Top speed: 120 km/h
Wind speed: up to 65 km/h
Battery Endurance: 45 min
Aerial Mapping @ 5 cm: 1,5 km2
Aerial Mapping @ 10 cm: 3 km2

Gatewing X100 in it's carry case.

Below is the high speed launch frame.  Bungi cord is cranked up and the UAV is launched by pressing the trigger on a remote hand control which launches it a goodly distance which gets it a goodly distance into the air by the time the electric motor kicks in

The UAV doing it pre programmed flight pattern taking photos all the while....

An X100 pilot needs to be certified on the system, which is a 5 day course, containing theory (Air Law, flight principles, Flight performance, Operational Procedures, Meteorology, Operational Planning, Human Factors, UAS Flight Training & Emergency Handling) and practical parts (at least 4 flights under the supervision of a Gatewing Instructor). 
These courses are normally held in Ghent (Belgium).

There's a really good video on YouTube which describes the whole systems from preparing through flying end shows processing and end results

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