Tomboy 2011 final and prize giving 27 November 2011                     By Gary Burrows

It must be Ashley Glubb’s year what with winning the R/C HLG sportsman last weekend he proceeded to win our 2011 Tomboy series just because he showed up and flew, but not quite with the same decided advantage as he had in previous rounds (BGG got the rules to such pitch of perfection that everyone had a chance regardless of what Mr electric Dunstan would have you believe!!!)

The day was a good one (though with the wind it was tough) with 3 electric 2 Mills powered 36inchers and one 48inch Mills powered. The Mills powered models had the advantage in the conditions and with the rules.


Mark Venter (Mills), John Dunstan (electric), Stewart Morse (Mills), Ashley Glubb (electric) & Bruce Bonner (Mills)

 The actual contest was really decided by the wind and it was the biggest model (48” of John Ensoll) that just held the advantage over the diminutive 36” Tomboy of Mark Venter who flew it extremely well with a very good understanding of the rules. Mark only made one mistake by over flying the 120 second flight by 3 seconds which incurred a 15 second deduction from 120, and while this would have got him closer to John he could never overtake him.

(there was and attempt the disqualify John because he launched not far enough out from the cars, this was turned down because there was no $50 accompanying the protest and John’s old decrepit age causing failure in the walking department along with brain fade!! He was issued with his first and only warning not to do it again) Paul Lagan turned up with 3, yes 3 Tomboys 2 electric and one Mills diesel. He graciously offer the diesel one to Gary Burrows for him to fly, seeing Gary’s are all in Earthquake storage. What he didn’t tell Gary was that the model was X the late Dini Shaw and that he had not personally signed the form 700 (and old RNZAF document. which means the aircraft is serviceable and fit for the task, Yeah Right!!!) Pilots certainly have to trust their engineers.

The saga goes like this, engineer Lagan suggests a test flight should be done which was just a short hop to see that the controls were to the pilots liking, and they were. So “onwards and upwards” as they say or “into the valley of death rode those who know no better” Pilot Burrows was away on his first sortie and all was going well until his plane was hit by some turbulence at altitude to which he responded with suitable (so he thought) control input only to hear that all to familiar crack followed by the spiral of death dive to terra firma. Post mortem revealed that the usual under strength spar at the end of the centre section doubler had failed. Unfortunately Burrows was unable to suspend the constructing engineers licence (not Paul’s, as he would not have built it like that) as he had long departed for higher ideals.

Of the other flyers was the electric brigade who unfortunately just couldn’t come up with the goods this time and no doubt will be pushing for a more favourable set of rules to suit them YEAH RIGHT!!!

Overall it was a most enjoyable year for this fun class with 10 flyers out of a club membership of about 80 competing and as I understand it there are several more getting ready to have a go.


   Final round scores

Tomboy final results for 2011.   Best 3 out of 4.

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