These pages are dedicated to the many Tomboys seen at one time or another at CMAC.

2010 CMAC Tomboy Results

Our newest Tomboy entrant - Bryan Coulter who having only just completed his Tomboy only flew in this last round but managed to put in some of the best times.  Power is MPJet .040

Stewart Morse who lost his Tomboy in the previous round and since returned courtesy of Rescue Hellicopters who found it in the Waimak.

Stewart was particularly glad to get it back for the original Mills up front.

Webmaster Mark Venter with his Tomboy, originally built by Owen Moore, since refurbished and now powered with a Dooney Mills.

The Tomboy Team.

Arthur, Stewart, John E, Ashley, Gary, Mark & John D.   Absent are Bruce Bonner & Bryan Coulter

Tomboy Competition organiser & CD - Gary Burrows with his Irvine Mills powered Tomboy.

Grandad John Ensoll launching his Tomboy with Boddo Mills up front.

Bruce Bonner with his Tomboy and what appears to be a 9" electric prop sitting on an original Mills.

Contest Director toting up.  Did a great job promoting the Tomboy event in our club and we all look forward to next years competition.  Gary did not fly much, his  Tomboy and Mills engines beset by various issues but he dedicated himself to helping everyone else especially Arthur (below) with quick on field engine and parts substitutions to enable him to record official flights.

Well done there that man!

John Dunstan with electric powered Tomboy - above.

Below, eventual winner with his 9oz electric Tomboy by sheer "doggedness" through the many "rule changes" (in an attempt to even out the field between diesels & electrics),  Ashley Glubb.  Well done Ash.        (Boy, wait till you see what the CD has in store for you for next year!)

We all look forward to the 2011 competition and those guys who are yet to complete their Tomboys!

We will also be running a Tomboy Senior class (Boddo 48" version) and free plan can be obtained from Mark Venter.

Read about my Tomboy that flew away HERE

Free Flight Tomboys


Bruce Bonner with his trusty old free flight Tomboy.  Cold Misty morning, softly purring diesel engine, the smell of ether and kerosene thick in the air - what better way to enjoy some good free flight fun.

Covered in tissue and dope it looks a treat in the air.

Below and right, Lyn Rodway with his Tomboy in the 'Aggy' event.     Also free flight.


Early R/C Tomboy Boys



Above - CMAC "Terrible Tomboy Trio" - all R/C & Mills powered

Left - Owen with his R/C Tomboy

John E launching his Tomboy.


Owen launches for Gary on maiden flight.


Below - Close Call!


Earlier (2007) guise of the Burrows Tomboy.

Rebuilt or just lightened? and recovered to lose weight and be more competitive.

Nice stand setup - adjustable for any size model and a pair of legs to die for...




Read the story of my errant Tomboy HERE

My free flight Tomboy, powered by TD.049 with diesel conversion.

Too much power so it was swopped with a DC Dart which was perfect until I bent the crankshaft!

Was then converted to electric which was an even better match up (below) until it flew away.

Since found, restored and recovered again. (below left)

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