Tomboy 10th February round 1


It had to happen “the action actually matched the rhetoric” 

“Be Afraid” as the electric guru John Dunstan stated at the last club meeting when displaying his new 48” Boddo electric Tomboy.

As they say the Dross will ultimately rise to the top. After suffering for a long time under the “Oilies” (or is that the “Oldies”), has  John Dunstan “the Alchemist” eventually  cracked the code of turning Dross into gold? if so then we “oilies” must adapt (reason for rule changes that are imminent, to level the playing field!!!)

 The Tomboy CD (BGGG) was actually seen to compete this year, with a decided lack of skill due the long enforced layoff due to earthquake problems. Thank God he wasn’t last!!!!  But even so the rules of this contest are about to change as it seems to be too easy to achieve the target. More on this later.

 To the contest.  The weather was perfect and 9 contestants turned up.

After a long time the electric brigade finally reigned supreme taking the first 3 places with John Dunstan (48in) and his twin Ashley Glubb (36in) being 1st equal with perfect scores and Dave Jackson (36in ex John Dunstan Tomboy) 3rd being only 23 points off the perfect score. I think that it could have been a 3 way tie with a bit of help of a count down timer (as used by the twins) for Dave.

The first of the “Oilies” was Mark Venter with his (the late Owen Moore’s) Tomboy and using a reworked Indian Mills with a special needle valve which certainly seemed to perform well. Next was THE ultimate Old “Oilie”, and last years precision winner with a perfect score, John Ensoll, just not his day with a last flight letting him down otherwise the electric brigade may have been upset as he was looking good after the first 2 flights for a perfect score. Stu (nice teeth )Morse was getting the hang of it (after his memorable “Nats” performances. 6th, 7th and 8th’s places report cards read “must do better” and we will!!!


Above - The two electric 'boys, John & Ashley being equal first place.

Below - Free flighter Lynn with his Boddo Mills powered Tomboy and doing well with the RC side.

Tomboy event CD Gary Burrows having a twirl on the sticks after a couple of years layoff while recovering from the earthquakes.

Sadly it showed as well. Starting the Mills in the wrong direction does make for a very short flight and broken props!

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