Depron foam Sopwith Triplane.

 A few years back a pair of plans by Cyril Carr were published in RCM&E (Nov 2007) of the Sopwith Triplane and a Fokker Triplane. Both in the region or 25"-26" wingspan and built from Depron.  Having never built a model from Depron this was a new challenge for me and an ideal size to fly in the park next door.

So, a few sheets of Depron were ordered and collected while at the Nats.   The plans mention UHU "POR" glue and Cyano. The Cyano works well in adition to a slight disolving of the foam, so flagged that idea. Local hardware were out of POR but have another product (also UHU) called "Twist & stick" and is a clear all purpose glue that dries fairly quickly and realy sticks the Depron.

Next, some lightweight radio gear was ordered, the workbench cleared and a new scalpel blade fitted.

 All the bits cut out in preparation.

Not many pieces.

 Started gluing bits together

 Slowly taking shape. Could not find suitable wheels so decided to make my own.

After a lot of mumblings I decided to continue with what I had and bugger the rest.  Hey - as long as it flies.

 Finally, all glued up.  Not my normal high standard I am afraid. While trying to figure out exactly how to line the wing panels up I realized that the plan has a few mistakes. The position of the inner struts are wrongly shown on the plan (after I had already glued mine in!)     


Some thread rigging added and it is starting to look like something.

The nose stil needs finishing, dummy engine and a few brushes of paint here and there..... 

Final weight should be around 5oz which should be spot on.

I might just get all the electrics in and see how (if) it flies though, before I spend too much more time on finishing touches.


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