There are many various types of gliders and most forms of the hobby are flown at our club field.

One of the new and popular types is Discus Launch Gliders or DLG.

Below are a few typical designs, launched from the wing tip these models with 2 - 4 servos are capable of being "thrown" to considerable height and are a great way of getting into soaring on the flat field and DLG’s are gaining in popularity all the time.

Allan Knox launching his foam & kevlar winged "Kahu"

Open Class Thermal gliders. These range in wing span from 3meters up to 3.77meters. most are fully moulded and imported from Europe. Heaps of fun and offer amazing performance.

This year we have seen

four members of the CMAC

club take part in the FAI

World F3J Champs held in



Club members Sven Zaalberb 4th, Scott Chisholm 21st and team manager Joe Wurts and team helper Paul Chisholm all contributed to the NZ Team placing 3rd overall, an awesome performance.

2008 New Zealand F3J Team L_R, Sven, Joe, Scott, Paul and Les


Typical F3J mass launch


Below is an F3B class Sailplane - at 3meters it is slightly smaller than the open class (F3J) gliders.
These are really fast machines and awesome fun on the slope and flat field.



Maybe something even smaller but just as exciting?  2 meter sailplanes are great and provide heaps of fun and challenges.

This last photo is from our 2006 2 meter contest at the willows. Great conditions and good scores. Scott Chisholm (centre standing) won with his Dad Paul (to his left) second. "Spirits" still appear to be the standard weapon for the 2 meter class in our club.


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