And of course, there are powered gliders, mostly electric as in the first three photo's in the banner above.

Eric is one of a dedicated band of club electric soaring Pilots, along with Rob C, Rob S, John T (Electric Organiser) Allan and Others, who have a lot of fun flying NZ NDC Electic 7 x 7 and EPD as well as the F5J Extreme postal events. Eric's AXI outrunner powered Elegant is a readilly available ARF setup. Fitted with Lipos and computer radio it is a hi performance alternative to pure gliding.
Great performance at the flick of the throttle, no winches to waist flying time. Eric gets 10 minutes flying off just 20 seconds of motor run, HOT!


The Cirrus participants from 2005. An all CMAC affair this time and last years team of Ensoll, Chishollm and Shaw won again.

John Ensoll nails the spot with his Erazer to
 win the class D event early July 05. 

Rob Sherlock has this nice new Big Sting to replace his deceased Escape. It should go even better, particularly in F3B.


Club contest in the snow winter of 2003. The Willows, CHCH.

Allan getting ready to launch John's high tech Allegro Lite 2 meter glider, a design by Mark Dreller.

Photo and description from Christchurch Soar web pages.


Allan Knox with own design “Alchemist” and Paul Chisholm and the “Sting” at the Willows, Christchurch.

Not all gliders need to be high tech.
A collection of 2m gliders at the 2004 Cirrus Trophy event.

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