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Neal Blackie has designed, built and flown this beautiful 5 meter ASG 29 model. Weight is about 8 KG. It was constructed using a lost foam fuselage plug skinned in 6 oz glass. The vacuum bagged blue foam wing uses 9.5 oz carbon uni for bending and 6 oz glass skins laid on the 45 degree bias for torsion. The wing is joined by 2 x 5/8 inch alloy steel tubes. Finish is two pack automotive paint. Great effort from this first time scratch builder.

Family resemblance?


The ASG in its element. Best speed to date on the radar gun is 187KPH and Neal says he backed off out of respect for the airframe, but not because it showed any distress or deflection..

Radio is Futaba 9CAP Super. For safety, the model has twin battery packs and twin elevator servos. These are embedded in the tailplane to drive the split elevator. Ailerons just use Hitec 85 MGs but the big crow flaps use Hitec Ultra Torque HS645s. Eveything works great and the model flew straight of the building board thanks to some CG and incidence info from "Plane Geometry".


Neal self launches this model at Worsley Spur. Tranny around his neck, one hand under fuse and the other steadies the wing , then a gentle push and she is away. Handling is superb with a soft stall thanks to some plan form tweaking in "Liftroll" and blended HQ wing section from root to tip with no twist. Rigid structure ensures crisp rolls and loops. Landings are pinpoint accurate with the effective crow braking at flaps 80 degrees down. 

Slope events are flown on the Port Hills minutes from CHCH.
This is Allendale high above Littleton Harbour.
Neal Blackie flew his beautiful
4.2 m ASW27 in a recent Class F Slope Race finishing a spectacular 3 RD.

Neal is always coming up with new ways to amaze us. 
How about this A4 Skyhawk "Foamie" that is as big as a car.

It flies too - off the hill at Allendale recently.
Well done mate, awesome!

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