Welcome to the world of R/C Pylon racing..............

What is that you may ask?   -   Let me explain in simple language- we set up three pylons in a triangular layout with 180 metre back straights and a 40 metre base. each lap therefore equates to 400 metres- we race10 laps under race conditions so each race is of 4 kilometres. Yes the smell of methanol and the adrenalin that flows will either allow you to love or hate this model flying activity.

 How big are the models- well, the common engine size is a .46 cu inch, and the wingspan typically is 1200-1400 mm- generally simple models made to go fast and if damaged don't take long to rebuild or replace..



Here is a Sportsman Pylon model powered by a Thunder Tiger .46 engine with 9x6 apc propeller - a good beginners model capable of some good fast flying and very good at cornering,  helped by the vee tail.

We generally race three models ( each model having its own pilot) at a time and the aim is to fly outside the pylons and establish personal best times.  Whilst you may win the race it does become a time-trial as at the start of each race we have a large clock that tells us about allowable engine warm-up time, time to go until comencement of racing, and by an electronic system advises us when we should release each model to minimise the chance of a mid air collision as we all head towards the apex of the triangular course - pylon number one.


A bit hotter is this Intermediate model, Nelson engine, side exhaust with fully moulded balsa wing and tailplane.


Is this fun?   -  Sure is if you want to race..........do we have smashes, of course, but you learn to accept that any form of racing has its downside. I don't normally see too many gloomy faced pylon racers!

What will it teach you?   -  Well, we will teach you how to operate an engine, how to start an engine, how to correctly tune your engine, and of course how to better understand your flying habits.

Whilst there are 5 pylon classes in New Zealand we tend to promote the beginners class and everyone from the very experienced to the beginner will compete. A complete set of rules is available from the NZMAA website under the pylon section..

What models do I need to compete with?   -   Initially any trainer type of model with a 46 sized engine will get you under way, but as time goes on you will better understand typical models being used and you will then progress to purchasing one- the experienced pylon pilots have contacts where you can purchase these models.

Where to from being a beginner?  -   Well the word is commitment- the more you practice the better you will get. You will progress over the months and will say over 12 months, master most of the pylon intricacies- ultimately you could race in Australia and if you get to the top then you could more than likely race at the World champs.

The CMAC club has members in its current membership who have raced at previous world champs and are more than willing to help anyone who show a genuine interest in learning more about pylon racing.

Interested?  -  We race at the CMAC site at least once a month on a Saturday afternoon- come and join us.

For further information phone me,  Trevor Henderson , on (03) 3371091, or 027-2285466, or even email me, bigtrev  and I'll put you on our mailing list.

Look forward to seeing you at the field.


And if you have lots of Addrenaline to burn...how about this F3D model, capable of 340 kph from Big T's stable!

 Engine is a METKEMEIJER from Holland running around 34,000RPM complete with tuned exhaust system- home built propeller


Big T gearing up for some trimming and practise runs in with his "Spotsman Pylon"

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