Monthly Club flying news and photo pages.

My first trip out in nearly three months and it was a pleasant surprise to see such a good turnout at the radio strip with a good few new models making their maiden flights both r/c & free flight.

I managed to get a good many photo's for this page on Sunday so lets get on with it then.

On the right -'Velox' of Grahame.


Kerry with his SIG Four Star, had some issues with getting the engine to run properly I think as I did not get to see it fly.


Gary with his new Tatone "Atomiser".


Hopefull of being the next champ for  1/2A Texaco and with some good advice from myself on getting a more consistant engine run the rest of us may just have our work cut out keeping him in his place!


Bill Rouse putting on the turns to his rubber model.   He put in some real good flights too.

Good on ya Bill.


Here is a strange looking model called 'Binkie'.  I think it was wrongly named and maybe "Sheep Shagger" would have been more appropriate.   Witness the fresh tuft of wool and dags snagged on the compresion screw of that diesel!

I think there are a few very nervous sheep out there......


Chris Murphy with his free flight 1/2A model.  I timed for him and he managed two maxes after an early engine cut dumped his first flight short of the mark.  A long retrieve on the last flight after the wind and a few thermals picked it up.


Chris and Bruce discussing the ways and (bad?) habits of Stompers....


A very capable Grahame Hart with his Velox.

Like the odd "straight up - and straight down"


I managed to coax Grahame into a nice slow (?) flypast for a couple of shots.



Grant Fry with his helli and getting better each outing.

Young (and younger) Begg clan preparing a foamy for some fun flying.






Jeremy doing his thing with his Extra300. Lots of power & lots of control.



Just look at where that elevator is pointing!


John Ensoll with another new model out on it's maiden flight, a superbly finished "Lancer" for Vintage events.

The engine was unreliable so no real flights were made but I did manage to capture a brief period in the air and I am sure it will be a real competitor once the engine is sorted out.   Maybe a kinked fuel line?


John Begg's models.  Notice the Vampire on the right and below.

It appeared to be flying just great but a radio glitch/loss of control saw it sadly make a very undignified and unscheduled arrival - with the usual results.


John scratch built the Vampire from a free plan in RCM&E.


Ken with his wotsit. Must be doing ok as I dd not hear of any additional holes on the strip.


Kerry and his 'Four Star 

Gary could not get the Babe Bee to run reliably so he switched to trying to run in the new MVVS - with about the same amount of joy.

And the last photo for this month  - our Pres contemplating a temperamental gumbander.

Hope these are enough photo's to keep you happy untill next month.



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