Monthly Club flying news and photo pages.

Superb new Piper Pawnee D just finished by Grahame Hart.

80" wingspan and Saito .82 Four Stroke power.

Word is first flights went well so congratulations Grahame.


Piper Pawnee D - top dresser, when they were designed the reason for the high canopy was so that the pilot would be out of the spray mist, better for the health.

Imported from Hobby Zone in the States, I have had it back ordered since March this year (2008).

Hanger 9 kit - ARF with seven servos, -  ailerons (2), flaps (2), elevator, rudder, throttle, all Futaba 3010 high torque.

Flying wires on the stabiliser and struts on the front wing.  It took about 25 hours to complete.

Saito 82 four stroke engine, external glow plug, working pilot light, ( I glued in a flashing xmas light and hooked up to receiver)

80 inch wingspan. length is 55.8 inches.

I did fly it on Sunday, it was a bit windy, put 3 tanks of fuel through it first, it flew well although due to the wing size and orientation I

landed a bit short of the field, on a dead sick but no damage at all, Jeremy helped me to tickle up the engine a little and it is running

great now. I just need to put a few more tanks of fuel through and then we will tune again and all should be well from then on.

Cheers - Grahame

Some photo's and comments from our RC man Grahame

Kerry looking very happy after some good flying with his 4 star 60.


Grant with his Heli  "I like it better over here on my own patch. Anyway, who wants to fly a plane!!"

Grahames Piper Pawnee - what a messy pit area  - seems like Grahame brought his whole workshop along as well.

Gordon pondering -"Now I know the elevator goes somewhere."

Jeremy doing his best to sweep the sheep droppings from the flight line.


The club has a new trainer, put together from donated bits of gear by various members.  

Very nice, guys and it 'does' fly very well too.


Last Sunday of November was great weather and as seems to be the norm lately - another good turnout by the Radio Control group


Grahame taxing out for a some very nice flying with his Pawnee.

Good to see him getting to grips with the "slow & casual" style of flying the Pawnee offers.

Certainly looks the part in the air too!


Donald taxing out for some more good flying


Bye - Bye.... but please come back...

Bruce launching his free flight "Stomper" on another good flight.


That's it for November. See ya all back again next month to see out 2008.

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