Above - Colin Duthie with a sluggish Dixielander that just would not run.

Left - Bruce Bonner with his much rebuilt Garami Skylark - a good flyer.

 Sunday turned out probably the best I have seen since Winter. Dead calm with quite a few thermals to confound the free flighters.  The CMAC Vic Smeed precision event wound up with Bruce Weatherall taking top honours. Bruce Bonner and myself both made a valid attempt for some additional points but the thermals took their toll, my Tomboy fortunately DT'ing a couple of meters in front of the pine trees to the West, but sadly it landed in the creek and had got a good dunking by the time I had got to it.  Chris Murphy lost his glider over the North pines and it took around 7 guys to go and hunt it down in the pines to eventually be nabbed by our nifty tree climber Bruce B.

Below Left - Bruce W's winning model, Vic Smeed Cherub and below right, R/C converted "Lorelei" by Stuart Morse.   We welcome and will hopefully be seeing lots more of Stuart as a new free flighter to our declining group.



 Right - Another free flight model by Stuart.   Below, Stuart launching his 'Lorelei' - unfortunately forgetting to check the balance caused the pilot to lose control with predicted results.

Not serious damage and hopefully Stuart will not be put off but be back with a succesfully repaired and well behaved  model.







 Above - R/C lineup. Brilliant weather made for a good turnout with lots of new models as well.  Even Grant managed to break away from baby duties for some helli flying.

Left and below,  resting in the midday sun.  Jeremy's 'Golden Eagle' and very nice Vought F4U  Corsair as well as a lovely pair of Fly Baby's

Noisy flyers beware - Trevor is out and about with his sound level meter and will be doing random checks to ensure we have no one  pushing the limits.     Make sure you use an effective silencer!




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