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More Free Flight.

Bernard Scott launching in Kiwi Power and Chris Murphy just returning with his 1/2A Banshee Baby.

Rex Anderson launching in 1/2A while Neil McDougall waits for lift in catapult glider.

Charles Warren with another So Long, powered with AM.25 in Vintage Precision   2nd Place.

Alan Douglas launching his Ohlsson .60 (spark Ignition) Playboy Senior in Vintage Power.     2nd place.

Charles & Paul offer Steve Wade sage advice on getting his Miniature Replica "So Long" going.  (All are SAM 1928 members)

Chris Murphy with "Mini Perl" in Kiwi Power     

John Ingram-Seal launches his Simplex in Vintage Precision.

Chris Murphy with Simplex in Vintage Precision. My GHQ Sportster on ground.

John Selby returning with his Simplex in FF Power. Not immediately obvious, but he had to lean into the wind coming back and really hold on to the model as well to prevent damage.

Neil McDougall with Gollywock in Vintage FF Precision.  Had some very long retrieves and the last one decided to leave the model behind a hedge after eventually finding it and fetch it by car instead due to the wind and possible damage trying to hold onto it....

John Dowling with his Helides 7. ED Bee powered, Vintage Power.

John with 1/2A Brooklyn Dodger

Lincoln Vincent and wife

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