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Radio Control Vintage

In extremely windy conditions I wisely decided not to fly 1/2A Texaco in which only three were brave enough to fly, would probably have destroyed my Atomiser but the next day was better and I managed to collect 1st place in Duration with my Clipper.   Did not fare as well in Precision only getting a 7th - but hey, at least I tried.

1938 electric Comet Clipper at 48"  - One for the electrics!

John Selby with his Turner Special coming in to land in A-texaco, got 4th.

Charles Warren form Pukekohe with his PAW 1.5 powered "So Long"   in A-Texaco    2nd place.

And another, Elfin 2.49 powered, in Precision & Duration 

(I think he found a secret stash of  So Long plans somewhere - he had a whole boot full of them)

Bernard Scott with his 1/2A Texaco Playboy Senior. A well deserved 1st considering the conditions.

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