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Free Flight events

You know those building / flying instructions that always say "Test glide over long grass"?

I always believed that was something mythical.....  I now know for a fact that it does indeed exist.

Alan & Rose Douglas setting up his Playboy Senior and nearly lost in the "long grass".     2nd Place.

The Playboy was the highlight for me. In the strong winds when all models disapeared downwind at high speed, the Plaboy weathercocked and just 'hung' there above us, and eventualy landed not 200m away for loyal fetchermite Rose to go and collect.

Another great and very unique model was this 1949 glider of Neil McDougall, "Snoek". Looked very neat in the air.  

Out of interest, a Snoek is a South African game fish similar to Pike & Barracuda, very oily and normally smoked or BBQ'd

Another glider that just blew me away was this superb "ArchAngel" of Martin Evans.  It  looked fantastic on tow and even better floating around during one of the rare lulls in the windy conditions.      2nd Place.

Dad Paul & Martin returning from retrieving models (Lulu & ArchAngel) Retrieves were long due to the wind.

Another glider in the Vintage section was this KK Chief by Terry Tank, being launched by Stuart.     3rd place.    (Also on the page banner)

Paul Evans with his Diamond Demon - Mills powered.   Note duct tape over some severly chopped fingers.  Hardy bunch these free flighters!

My GHQ Sportster.  Seriously changed trimtabs meant some "interesting" first flights and I had to settle for 7th.

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