Yes Siree - those knees have definitely seen happier days.   But don't those Tomboys just look great eh? 


An interesting Delta "Swallow" by John Begg.   Insufficient rotation for a smooth takeoff although I did see it leap into the air on one occasion only to dive back down again. Should look good in the air once John gets the controls sorted out. 

(photos by BGG)



 Grahame, above left  with his "Velox " and Ken, above right.


Gordon K's  tailess model (right).






 Bruce with his "Binkie" which put in a few good flights but rather long retrieves the result of the wind gusts.


Ian with his Red Ripper. Did not fly due to a warped fin




Ian Henry with his FAISon.  A few good flights as is usual from our master free flighter.


Owen launching Gary's "Tomboy" (below) and right, Ian launching his "Starduster" for another top notch flight.






Don't you sometimes just wish you had four hands? 

Gary (BGG) with his newly completed Tomboy which according to him is a whole 5 oz lighter than previous.  Certainly flys great and looks good in the air with that colour scheme.

(See last photo on this page)


Sometimes you just gotta wonder how modellers still manage to keep all their digits till a ripe old age..... 




Owen's newly completed Tomboy above and below left and John's year old Tomboy, above right. Both flew well, John's Tomboy gaining incredible heights.




I have been reliably informed that the three characters below are not bank robbers plotting their next job, but are in fact Mafia Top Guns (incognito) plotting their next hit and that now my life aint worth the cost of a postage stamp...

That said, this may have been my last site update for a long time (until all the plaster casts come off)


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