[See further down for write up of the CMAC 2009 Vintage day.]


 Three of us turned up to a rather breezy morning for our A & ½A Texaco events.  myself, Gary & John.  I had problems in getting my Babe Bee to run and later (when I got home) discovered that my fuel looked rather  "milky" so possibly it has started to go off or maybe it was just too cold!

Gary put in one early brave flight but declined to do any further flying due to the gusty conditions.    John also had problems getting a consistent run on his Babe Bee and moved on to flying his A-Texaco Simplex with first flight marginal on power.  Second flight with a slightly richer engine setting gave better climb but the conditions were worsening and he ended up having to dive to make headway. Still though, an interesting if not very sucessful morning.





CMAC Vintage fly-in 2009.

(R/C power) by John Ensoll

With the previous week’s weather, one would be forgiven for doubting that a favourable window in the weather could occur, but it did and we loved it.

It was overcast and cool but no wind and at 9am and we quickly had the field and BBQ areas laid out.

It was decided that we would fly Vintage Precision as that would enable all to achieve a possible score, or at least make it easier to be competitive.

Five competitors steadily put up their scores and Three maxed out, Colin John and Allan.

With Colin having to go home to lunch, pity, it left Allan and John to fly off.

After John flying off first at the Nationals and getting second place, he decided that Allan could fly first this time which ended up with a better result for John, who maxed again.

Stu was going well and has his Simplex going pretty well and under control but was unfortunate with one errant landing.

Les is still handicapped by too small an engine for his model and only just gets off the ground, remarkably, He got away with a down wind take-off on one flight.

John Used his Lancer for his three flights and the New Ruler for the fly off.  He needed thermal assistance to get his 3 minutes

Allan flew his OS  .20 FS powered Lancer for his flights.

Colin with his oil soaked Eastern States Champ did well to complete his flights but really had to give up due to his engine coming loose again,  I think we might have seen the last of that model, sadly.  The wings look good, perhaps a new fuselage Colin?

By mid-day, The sun was starting to peek out and the BBQ was well attended by fliers, FF and R/C plus a team of interested by standers.

Later in the day we had the privilege of a visit from the big cheese the Pres. of the NZMAA Barry Lennox and his wife, I would have thought that he could have come earlier and bought a model with him, but that was not to be.

Many thanks to all those that turned up and made the Day such a success, we will do it again


Results:   John Ensoll-799;     Allan Knox-779;   Colin Duthie-600;    Stu Grant-589;   Les King- 414 

It was fantastic to have ex member Allan come down for the weekend to fly at our vintage day with his collection of great models.

Line up  from L to R is ½A Texaco "Skipper", Texaco models Lancer & Cumulus.


Grahame holding on while Les cranks up the motor on his Buzzard Bombshell. Not sure who the red one belongs to?

Below, beaut Lancer of Ian Harvey.  Was not quite ready to fly though but should be a good 'un when it is ready.

Arthur getting plenty of advice about his "Tomboy"


Two models of Colin mentioned in the writup are Simplex and Eastern States Gas Champ.

Unknown model photograhed - no idea who it belonged to.

And of course - the grub van. Not sure if there was a bit of argy-bargy going on below to get there first but the next photo down shows two members having a great feed on some decent sausages - real meat in them too, not your average tastless sawdust!

Free Flight by Mark V.

Asn mentioned above, the day dawned cold but fine. Soon everyone was unpacking and getting setup and there was a good turnout of members and models, some only on show due to not yet being completed. Whereas the R/C guys had an NDC event to fly, free flght was open so you could fly whatever you wished.  As I am writing this about 3 months later I hope I get all the facts correct but I am sure someone will set me to rights if I get it wrong  :-)

Bill got in early and put in a few good flights with his Senator which earned him the prize in the Rubber section.


Gary Tried unsuccessfully to get a run out of the diesel in this "The Answer" ex Owen Moore's estate

Above, a few models. L - R,  Electric Sparky (R/C), Atomiser, Sportster, electric Comet Clipper (R/C) and Answer.

Right,  Chris Murphy waithing for lift to launch in.

Below, Ian Henry with his Cabin Ruler.

Bruce Bonner had a few of his models along and if I remember correctly put up flights with all of them except the Biplane (Vic Smeed) which was not yet completed.


Above, Gary launching his Sportster for another great flight.

Below his model line up. Atomiser - Sportster - Answer.

Below and left, my Sportster ex Owen Moore's estate. Was not quite completed so did not fly other than a few test glides.

Subsequently completed and proxy flew for Owen to win Avon Trophy

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