Welcome to 2009.

We have already had a few visitors to the flying field this year resulting in some new and very keen members.  Try to get to meet them and make them feel welcome and aware of club flying rules and protocols.

Remember, safe flying is NO ACCIDENT - you need to work at it!

Crashman Ken gives this very sound advice - Always check to make sure your tranny antenna is fully extended before taking off or else....      suffer the consequences!

Keep a watch out for the young fella in the red jumper keenly watching Grahame get the trainer fired up.  He is Boyd, one of our newest members and I saw him very ably flying the trainer and with great enthusiasm and excitement - great stuff Grahame, you have a 'good 'un' there. Take good care of him.

Ken can be seen on the left trying to sort out a sticking throttle that prevents the engine from shutting down properly and behind him our resident helli pilot Grant and another new member and helli flyer, Chris.






Our helli flyers Grant and Chris who already appears pretty competent despite the 'training wheels'

 Our newest and youngest member Boyd Morrin - just look at the size of that smile after a successful take off and flight with the club trainer.



There is just something facinating about free flight, letting it go to follow it's own destiny - well sort of.  As you long as you remember to set the engine cutoff timer and DT you have some control over that destiny....   right?

Ian launching his Civy Boy on a somewhat unpredictable flight after some hurried field repairs.

Bruce - captured muttering some unprintable threats to the Frog-150 up front of his Y-Bar.


Ian with another great model, Woody Blanchard designed 'FAIson'

Some reworking on my 'Sparky' to convert the GWS prop into a folder made a huge differencve to the glide performance and it is a real pleasure to fly now with a floating glide that is unbelieveable.

My 'Super Sniffer' had around ten flights today in the fantastic warm weather hooking a huge thermal and hanging under a big cloud still gaining height after it had DT'd, until it eventualy got spat out to my imense relief.


Enjoying the great sunshine and thermals were our two glider members, Eric holding his 'Elegant' with Bernie looking on wondering what all the commotion is about.



Lastly, more photo's of Kens models,  4 Star 60 livery on the model  below left and his newly aquired 'Extra' below right.




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