FID and Indoor Experimental 30th January 2005

Here are some photos taken at the FID and Experimental meeting at Templeton.

Owen Moore, Kaye and Bill Long and Neville all flew FILs in the FID event. The best times of the day went to Kaye with  two flights of over 9 minutes closely followed by Bill.

Bill had an experimental helicopter and Dave had an experiemental tailless but unfortunately neither model could be made to fly the minimum time. Maybe the next Experimental NDC contest will see models that can attain times.

Peter and Dave both had Hangar Rats which took to the air between FID flights.

Results for the FID NDC event will be posted here once they are confirmed.


Hangar Rat and Indoor HLG NDC

Come along and join in with your Hangar Rats and indoor hand launch gliders. Event will be on rain or shine at the Templeton Hall. For more information contact Bill Long.

For those who would like to have a go at Hangar Rat here is an article and plan (page1, page2).

Meeting 30th January 2005 Photos

Photos and results of the FID NDC event held 30th January



Indoor Official - Bill Long

Phone 322 7202

Indoor venue is at the Templeton Community Centre Hall - Kirk Str.  Templeton


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