Photos and write ups of anything interesting relating to our club, members and model flying.

Ever wonder about other peoples workshops ?

 Sometimes they can be veritable 'Alladin's Caves'.

Club Annual Tomboy competitions



Read about the Tomboy's at CMAC as well as the story about the one above which went missing,  got turned into a hive by a wayward swarm of bees and is now fully repaired and covered again on the "Tomboy" Page.


CMAC  "Original" Terrible Tomboy Trio


The Tomboys have really taken off since the above photo and we now have up to 10 models in the club.

(See the Tomboy Pages  -  2010   2011   2012   2013 )

        Yet more Tomboy Stuff         Rebuilding an old and discarded 48" Tomboy 

      Setup for electric Tomboys

      Saving weight by using a single Lipo for the receiver battery

Gordon with his lovely "Golden Oldie".

A very smooth and slow flying model which according to Gordon falls into the "nearly boring" category.
Nevertheless, this 1929 era model looks great from all angles.


Click this link to see my selection of great photo's from any & everywhere. Full scale aircraft.

Sent in by Grahame Hart.

Right - Sig Sundancer. Flys like a dream.

Below - scale Beaver, not yet flown



Great new engine pages from our own in house engine guru Chris Murphy - HERE

How to set them up for ┬ŻA Texaco by Gary Burrows - HERE


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