CMAC has an active Free Flight group who fly in both Power and Rubber diciplines  and participate regularly in various free flight and Vintage events.

"Free Flight"  [as opposed to Radio Control]  is the flying of model aeroplanes that have been pre-adjusted [trimmed] by the operator and released,  to have no further contact  [by the flier] until the flight terminates either by mechanical means, or natural return to earth.

The Chch MAC follows the National De-Centralised Calender for it's competitions.   This consists of a list of dates and model classes to be flown on a specific weekend throughout the country.    The results are tabulated  and points awarded, with a certificate given to the person with the highest points at the end of the year.

There are International classes for Glider, Rubber and Power for which teams are chosen via trials held during the year.   World Championships are held every 2 years with a "Trans Tasman"  in the intervening years.

Free Flight is very much weather dependant as models can and do go a long way on windy days.  but, it is great FUN and well worth a try.....

Indoor models are also flown by a dedicated group who put up some amazing times in a local community centre.


Gary has instituded a "Vic Smeed Precision" competition in our club and it seems to be going down well with quite a bit of interest.

The event honours that great designer Vic Smeed and there are many designs of his out there - so get building and come and participate.    Results and photos.


  Vic Smeed Precision contest rules

1. Must be a Vic Smeed design (glider, rubber, power)

2. You can have as many models as you want, but each model must put in 3 flights before the next model is used and all flights must be completed by the end of the contest. (normally 1200hrs)

3. 3 flights per round per model

4. 90second flight time maximum

5. Model must not be dethermalized before 160 seconds otherwise a ZERO score for that flight will be applied.

6. Over time flights will have their 90second maximum reduced by the number of seconds over 90.  e.g. a flight   of 100secs minus 90 equals 10--- then 90 minus 10 equals 80 which is your final flight score.

7. Best 2 round scores will decide the winner

8. Prizes will be issued on the final day (you must be there to collect)

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