Great newly refurbished Ultimate 40 from Grahame.

"I have just finished a wee Ultimate 40s that I bought from Trade me.  The fuselage was damaged, undercarriage damaged, firewall damaged, Ken fixed up the body work and re jigged the firewall to accept the AX46 muffler (it previously had a Pitts muffler).

I did electrics, engine and recovered all of the fuselage, setup and decals etc, it has come up quite well."

Certainly has Grahame, looks real good mate.





Chris Murphy with his 30 year old "Winged Yankee".  A hard to start diesel and hefty breeze combined to put him out of open power after only one flight.




Bill Rouse with a very nice little electric twin motor model that had a fantastic flight but ended up in the top of the pines behind the stopbank.

Photo's below and comments by RC man, Grahame.




 Above - well groomed lads setting up on a field well groomed by our resident groundsman, Kerry.

Left, John poses with his "Nothing Special"


Ken with his lovely Piper Cub, this is a great model and one that Ken can be justly proud of.



Left, Kerry looking proud of his "still in progress Katana", should be
fantastic when finished, complete with smoke kit.

Below, Kerry with the tried and true Kadet LT40 - this plane has seen a lot of air time and keeps on going.






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