Ashley launching John's rebuilt Spitfire - above

Ashley & John with neat electric models - below



 Mark with Electric free flight  Tomboy

Below - two more of Mark's electric models, these in the Vintage class.

Below left - Rubber model "Sparky" converted to electric & R/C.


Below right - Reduced size 1938 Comet Clipper, winner of Vintage Duration in the 2009 Nats



Eric is one of a dedicated band of club electric soaring Pilots, along with Rob C, Rob S, John T (Electric Organiser) Allan and Others, who have a lot of fun flying NZ NDC Electic 7 x 7 and EPD as well as the F5J Extreme postal events. Eric's AXI outrunner powered Elegant is a readilly available ARF setup. Fitted with Lipos and computer radio it is a hi performance alternative to pure gliding.
Great performance at the flick of the throttle, no winches to waist flying time. Eric gets 10 minutes flying off just 20 seconds of motor run, HOT!




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