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We are currently running a few events for 2010, the Vic Smeed contest & the Tomboy contest.  Build a Vic Smeed model and come along and participate.

TOMBOY Rules         

We wish to present this competition to all the lovers of this nice model with the only aim of having fun flying together The Tomboy competition wants to prove the performance of this model along with the ability of the builder and pilot, wishing to fly the model having fun in a relaxed manner. 

The object of this contest is to score an exact total of flight time in seconds of 20 minutes (1200) for the combination of the best 2 flights of the 3.

The Model
The 36 inch wing span model as per plan is allowed, with rudder and elevator only;
No minimum weight;
Reinforcement or lightening of the structure with respect of the basic outline of the original model is allowed;
Plastic covering in place of tissue, silk or other is allowed.

There are 2 categories
1. those with Mills .75cc engines
2. those without.


1.    the model must be a 36 inch Tomboy

2.    all combustion engines up to 1 CC with a 3cc capacity fuel tank allowed

3.    Electric motors allowed with the ability to be stopped at 3 minutes or less No folding props are allowed:. Allowed batteries are . 350 Mah 2 cell LiPo . or.. 350 Mah 6 cells Nicad or NiMh

4.    Three (3) 10 minute flights allowed with the 2 best that get closest to a total of  20minutes (1200)

5.    Any flight which exceed the 10 minutes (600) there will be a penalty of 10 deducted for every second over the 10 minutes (600) E.G. 10 minutes and 30 seconds will score 600 – ( 30 x 10) = 300

6.    The model must land inside the paddock from which it was launched for the score to count otherwise a score of 0 will be recorded for that flight.

7.    A no flight is 30 seconds or less

8.    One no flight per attempt

9.    Electric motors must be stopped at 3 minutes or less

10.    Contest runs from 0900 to 1130 hrs

2010 Results and photo's

2011 Results and photo's

2012 Results and photo's

2013 Results and photo's


Vic Smeed precision contest rules

1.      Must be a Vic Smeed design (glider, rubber, power)

2.      You can have as many models as you want, but each model must put in 3 flights before the next model is used and all flights must be completed by the end of the contest. (normally 1200hrs)

3.      3 flights per round per model

4.      90second flight time maximum

5.      Model must not be dethermalized before 160 seconds otherwise a ZERO score for that flight will be applied.

6.      Over time flights will have their 90second maximum reduced by the number of seconds over 90.  e.g. a flight   of 100secs minus 90 equals 10--- then 90 minus 10 equals 80 which is your final flight score.

7.      Best 2 round scores will decide the winner

8.      Prizes will be issued on the final day (you must be there to collect)

See photo's and results on this page

Avon Trophy Event.

This is an annual event run around July each year and the Trophy is awarded to the participant who scores the highest in which ever event he chooses to fly in.

Photo's can be seen here.

Unorthodox Model Contest

This has been postponed yet again due to windy weather and the new date has been set for February 2011

This should  give you plenty of time to build a model.
• Any free flight or radio controlled unorthodox model eligible, even of your own design
• Must fly for minimum of 30 seconds and to at least a height of 50 feet to qualify on the day
• Judges opinion can not be disputed unless accompanied by a non refundable deposit of $50
• The more unusual the better provided that the model FLYS on the day
• Not allowed are balloons, rockets, R/C helicopters, remember they must FLY in the aerodynamic sense
• 1 stubbie of beer for bringing a unorthodox model along to the day regardless of whether it qualifies
• 1stubbie of beer if it qualifies by flight
• First place 1/2 dozen of beer
• Second place 4 stubbies of beer
• Third place 2 stubbies of beer

....More information to follow ...

Indoor fun Competition for 2017

(Rules and dates will be posted up in May)

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