The Avon Trophy is a club trophy awarded annually on the day to the member who puts

 in the best time in his category.

Sunday 3rd July  2011

Avon Trophy  2011                                  by Bruce Weatherall

 What a great Avon Trophy day we had on Sunday July 3!

No without a few doubts to begin with though.  The fine though frosty morning in town gave way to a blanket of freezing fog out at The Willows when the first of us arrived at about 9am, with one end of the paddock invisible from the other and a ceiling of only a few metres. But it slowly lifted and flying got under way after an hour or so. The fog started to return again, but eventually cleared completely.

 The variety of models entered was a testament to the potential of an event which allows contestants to enter in any NZMAA-recognised  free flight class, scoring being a percentage of the maximum for the class flown.

 So we had P30 Rubber flown by Brian Coulter and Dave and Rachel Jackson, who at three years old must be the youngest entrant ever in a model flying contest. Lynn Rodway flew his Slowworm in 1/2A Power, and Bruce Bonner his somewhat fearsome T34 in Open Power. Slowing down a bit, Vintage Precision was entered by John Ensoll with a Loutrel Sportster, Bruce Weatherall with his old but trusty Frank Ehling Request, and Mark Venter with the ex-Owen Moore Loutrel Sportster with which he won the Avon Trophy in 2011. Mark also put in a second entry with his reduced-size Playboy in Vintage Miniature Replica. Then one of the most rarely-flown classes in the NZMAA calendar – Kennedy Precision – was entered by not one but  two contestants, Stewart Morse with his beautiful WWI BE2e scale biplane, and Colin Duthie with his own-design high-wing cabin model.

 Assisted by the 14-point age bonus for a 1936 design, the two Loutrel Sportsters took first and second places. Mark judged his engine runs almost perfectly to get two maxes and a final flight only eight points short to make a final score of 97 per cent and retain the trophy. John was not far behind on 88 per cent, closely followed by Lynn with 85 per cent and Mark taking fourth pace too with 84 per cent.

 After being presented with the trophy, Mark fittingly dedicated it to Owen to conclude what everyone agreed was an outstandingly satisfying day


  • 1.    Mark Venter:  Loutrel Sportster, Vintage Precision, 97%
  • 2.    John Ensoll: Loutrel Sportster, Vintage Precision, 88%
  • 3.    Lynn Rodway: Slowworm, 1/2A Power, 85%
  • 4.    Mark Venter: Playboy, Vintage Ministure Replica, 84%
  • 5.    Bruce Weatherall: Request, Vintage Precision, 77%
  • 6.    Colin Duthie: Own design, Kennedy Precision, 76%
  • 7.    Stewart Morse: BE2e, Kennedy Precision, 72%
  • 8.    Brian Coulter: P30, 68%
  • 9.    Bruce Bonner: T34, Open Power, 53%
  • 10.  Rachel Jackson: P30, 42%
  • 11.  Dave Jackson: P30, 12%

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Sunday 4th July.   2010

Being the middle of Winter, the day dawned fine and cold (naturally) with frozen ground and a temperature of -4 degrees C.

Once the sun got high enough it soon became pleasant enough to remove overcoats gloves & scarves.

By late morning it was up to around 8 deg C and a fantastic day was held by all that flew and walked long distances to retrieve their models from the light Westerly wind that tended to drift models - especially those without enough turn in the glide, way into the next paddock.


Below - A line up of models was ordered and from my observations I think all of those in the photo got flown. 



 And our Trophy winner through diligence & dedication (i.e pure bloody good luck!) this year is club editor and registrar, Gary Burrows.

Gary flew his model in memory of an old friend and club member who passed away the previous day and deserved his hard earned win after the first flight was mistimed. (just as well as it would have crippled his score!)


 Close inspection of the trophy - Yes Gary, I did take good care of it  and  give it a polish before bringing it out!


2009 Avon Trophy winner

Mark Venter won this year getting top score in the Vintage Precision event.

Mark completed and flew the Sportster bought from Owen Moore's estate.   Owen had been building this great model especially to beat Mr Burrows and I am sure he lent a guiding hand during the event too to make sure he proxy won!

Marginally larger than Gary's one which he won with in 2008, it really is a superb flyer.

2008 Avon Trophy winner

Gary Burrows


Gary won in the Free Flight 'Precision' event with two maxes and a third just short by 3 seconds with a very nice model, GHQ Sportster and some excellent fuel metering and flying indeed.

Well done Gary

2007 Avon Trophy winner

Craig King


2006 Avon Trophy winner

This year's winner is Dave Jackson with his "Sparrow Hawk"  P30 model by John O'Dwyer from

Nov 88 Model Aviation.


2005 Avon Trophy winner

First time entrant and lucky winner of the trophy with his Stomper. However the winning flight was also a "flyaway" landing somewhere in the Pines and still missing......

Bruce launching his winning flight

Good effort that man!


And as a bonus - The missing Stomper was found some weeks later and it flies again!

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