Photo's in no particular order,  by Gary & Mark. 

Brian Coulter with his new


Brian was game to put in

some early flights in the


Bruce Bonner with his

Lucky Lindy - Stu doing

the timing for him.

Bruce Weatherall flying his

Request in Vintage


Colin Duthie with his own

design in Kennedy


Picnic time at the Willows.

Dave Jackson winding his

new P30 for a maiden


Dave's P30 model is


Stu Morse with his great

looking BE2 in Kennedy


Club president looks on in

wonder.  Will we still get

him interested in "things

that fly without radio" ?

There is always hope.

John Ensoll with his Loutrel

Sportster, came second

flying in Vintage precisi

on with 88%.

Lynn Rodway flew his

Slowworm in 1/2A pow

er to take third place with


Lynn doing the timing for

Mark flying his Miniature

Replica "Playboy Senior"

Mark Venter with his

G.H.Q. Sportster in

Vintage precision.    

Mark got 97% to take out

the 2011 Avon Trophy


Youngest club member

and entrant, young Rachel


Here dad Dave is teaching

her the finer points of


Rachel launching her P30

model "Crackerbox".

Despite the launch looking

a bit low key it managed

to get some good airtime

Good enough in fact to get

10th place with 42% and

give her dad a good lesson

in how to do it since he

only managed 11th place

with 12% !



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