Some good crisp frosty mornings made for calm and cold early beginings to the day.

Bill Rouse is regularly out with his electric models of own design putting in many good flights.





Above - Bill with some of his electric models and below,  Bruce Bonner's neat Vic smeed model, Coquette.  A great flyer that looks fantastic in the air.


 Right - Gary Burrows'  "Atomiser" for ½A Texaco (R/C).  1941 design by John Tatone.

Below, Bruce Weatherall's Vic Smeed designed "Cherub" with which he went on to eventually win the club Vic Smeed Precision event.

Below that, two photo's of Colin Duthie with his aged  1939 Flying Aces "Petrel"  (built in 1950!)





Below left - my Tomboy ready once again for a test flight after extensive refurbishing since it's flyaway.

Below right - Bruce's 'Coquette' underway






Above - Grahame launches for Big T and right, the two of them during practise.





Gary with his Vic Smeed "Popsie".  He could not get the engine to run with sufficent authority for anything more than a powered glide.

Somewhat reminiscent of a turkey coming in to land......

Below left - 1936 GHQ Sportster in the Avon Trophy precision event and below right, considerable "unprintable" words of endearment at the ½A Texaco event when the Cox Babe Bee just would not run on his John Tatone "Atomiser".

After much sweating and eventual dismanteling and cleaning the little bugger out - success and a flight that could stand up and be counted.






Left and above - John's superbly finished GHQ Sportster. 

Below, the three entrants in in Vintage, John with his A Texaco "Simplex", my "½A Texaco "Woody's Wagon" and Gary racking up the points with his "Atomiser".



Above - Simplex floats past and right, close up of the fuel metering of the Boddo Mills powered Sportster.



Superbly mown strip and pitts area thanks to Kerry Oakley.

Below - Garame's "Voodoo" awaiting it's initial flight.




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